Excel Data Matching Merger 2.1
Free, freeware

  • You must have Macros Enabled to use this software.

    This file will:

  • Line up the data, with the proper data matching
  • You can align your data, using columns of unique ID
  • Join your Excel files, using a match or merge
  • Matching and Merging using a mass "VLOOKUP" command
  • combine your tables, using relational variables


    All files must be Excel files. The ID must be the first column (A), variable names must be the top row (1), and the Data must start on the second row (2). The cells should contain only data with valid IDs. Program may have trouble with data files of over 10 thousand cases.

    You can choose two types of merges: A) All unique IDs in all files will provide IDs for resulting file, or B) Base file will be selected first, and all other files will be matched to the base file. Please see Examples on Excel Sheets Provided.

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