Those involved in the JFK assasination are either now dead,
or are in the highest positions of U.S. Government today

  • Congress House Select Committee in 1978 confessed due to overwhemling evidence that the fatal shot that killed Kennedy did not come from the book depository, and therefore was not Oswald.
  • New York Times, November 23, 1963: Doctors quoted in article by Tom Wicker, before deception takes form. "Mr. Kennedy was hit by a bullet in the throat, just below the Adam's apple. Mr. Kennedy also had a massive, gaping wound in the back and one in the right side of the head."
  • Same article, different doctor: "A missile had gone in, and out of the back of his head."
  • Washington Post, March 26, 2001 (A03), "The House Assassinations Committee may have been right after all: There was a shot from the grassy knoll."
  • Read the official Thomas Report which proves a frontal shot through sound analysis.
  • Listen to the eerie last public words of Oswald as he says, "I'm just a patsy!"
  • Nixon's watergate plumbers, dressed as tramps, were arrested on Dealy Plaza where John F. Kennedy was assasinated
  • Oswald was setup to work in the Texas School Book Depository as an "order filler" October 15, 1963. -Warren Commision Report
  • Oswald was planted at Dealey Plaza 40 days before Kennedy arrived, and the Oswald press releases framing Oswald were prepared by who? Who would know Kennedy's whereabouts 40 days in advance?
  • Oswald's Book Depository job was given to him by Bush "friend" Ruth Paine

  • Kennedy was sincerely attempting to end the Cold War, speech June 10, 1963
  • Kennedy planned to end the Pentagon Wars (Vietnam, Cuba, etc), with NSAM No. 263
  • His Executive Order 11110, ending banking power over U.S. economy, killing the Private Federal Reserve Bank and our debt, and restoring U.S. Treasury Notes to circulation
  • Reign in the CIA under JCS by Congressional Act, ending unchecked intelligence power
  • Kennedy had already fired Allan Dulles, Director of the CIA

    The House Select Committee on Assassinations

    September 6, 1978

    Volume VI (clip)

    II.The number, timing and source of the shots fired at the Presidential limousine

    The acoustics analysis indicates that four shots were fired at the Presidential limousine with the first, second, and fourth shots coming from the Texas School Book Depository, and the third from the grassy knoll. (60) Given these findings, as well as the timing of the shots, approximately 1.6, 6, and 0.7 seconds apart, Zapruder frame 312, which immediately precedes the frame that shows the fatal head shot, theoretically could be the time of impact of either the third or fourth shot of this sequence. (471) * If it was the fourth shot, the third shot would have had to impact (if it had hit) approximately at Zapruder frame 296; (62) if it was the third, then the fourth shot would have had to impact (if it had hit) approximately at Zapruder frame 327. (63)** (See illustration 33a, fig. II 26.)

    Click for the whole Committee Report

    Oliver Stone's JFK (VHS) ( DVD) -- This isn't a bad piece of work, based on the book by Jim Garrison about his investigation, and based on the books of Lt. Col. Fletcher Prouty, Air Force, and CIA liason, and JFK chief of security. ( Secret Team and Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, both no longer printed)

    Excellent Documentary about those involved with this coup:
    To understand the CIA/mob connections of the assasination

    To understand the connections between the shooters, Jack Ruby
    who said in an interview, the people "put me in the position I'm in" hold high office today
    Bay of Pigs, codename Operation Zapata, a George Herbert Walker Bush baby
    CIA/Mafia Liasons Johnny Roselli, William harvey, David Ferrie, Barry Seal,
    the CIA Cocaine/Herione trade, and corporate oil, the George Bush family,
    Watergate plumbers/Dealy Plaza Tramps Tramps Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis
    Ex-FBI Guy Banister, from same address as Oswalds "Fair Play for Cuba"
    Bush friend and Oswald Liason Ruth Paine
    And Those "Coincidentally" put on the Warren Commission,
    The JFK-fired CIA Director Allen Dullus, and
    Rockefeller friend CIA/World Banker John J. McCloy


    not Nixon's idea, the Plumbers were put together at the direction
    of Henry Kissinger and Alexander Haig, stooges for Nelson Rockfeller
    read Rockfeller File for the whole story

    Howard Hunt Frank Sturgis

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