The Euro - Banks take Europe

A private bank, The European Central Bank, now controls the economy of most European countries. Although bankers already have unprecidented control of most central banks, its never been this easy.

The propaganda machine was everywhere for the Europeans. The magazines, the TV commercials, the banks spared no expense. They even turned New Years 2002 into a "Euro New Years," paid for by the banks.

"A country which loses the power to issue its own currency is a country which has given up the power to govern itself. Such a country is no longer free. And it is no longer democratic - for its people can no longer determine their own future in national elections."
Thatcher says never to single currency

Death of 12 Nation-States - Killed by the Euro

The people in the streets express their opinions, the local papers clearly show the lack of support for the Euro, yet the governments are slaves to the big banks, the the propaganda machine is heavily financed.

The banks threaten to crash the economies of those who don't cooperate.

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