The following scans are of the actual interview reports of eyewitnesses interviewed by the Suffolk County Police.

Witness to a projectile approaching the plane.

This one saw an orange flare.

Report of a white streak moving skyward.

Report of a "flare" shooting upwards.

Report of grey smoke trail at "high rate of speed".

White Light (thought it was fireworks) in the sky.

Red/pink object in sky.

Red streak rising up from the horizon.

Saw the "flare" from his boat.

Report of upward moving "flare".

Saw flare shoot upwards from water.

Man and his wife saw two streaks (report has been altered).

A report of double orange flares.

Tom Dougherty's report of "two claps of thunder".

Saw the flare and the low flying aircraft which had it's wheels DOWN. This calls into question the theory that the low flying plane was a target drone of cruise missile, as neither of those vehicles have landing gear.

Report of "strange man" observing/observed by people hunting for crabs.

Another report of the strange man.

Note that in this record, the police are specifically asking the witness if they saw any ascending objects in the sky in the sky, indicating it was an issue being looked into by the police that night.

Another example where witnesses were being specifically asked about rising lights in the sky.