Cell Phone calls allegedly made on Flight "United 93"
On September 11, 2001 are not possible
Cell Towers on Earth don't cover Airline Cruising Altitude

  • What is the range of a cell phone?
  • http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/04/08/AR2005040800564.html

    By Sara Kehaulani Goo and Keith L. Alexander
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Friday, April 8, 2005; Page E01

    "At 30,000 feet a phone may have difficulty sending a signal to a tower on the ground. Most cell phones can't reach a station from beyond 10,000 feet, said Roger Entner, an analyst with research firm Ovum Ltd."

    "Another technical hurdle is to find a way that cell phone calls would be handed off from one cell tower to another on the ground when the aircraft is traveling at 500 miles an hour. The handoff is fairly simple when the speaker is walking or driving, but at aircraft speed calls would likely be dropped."

  • What is the range of a cell phone tower?
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_site
    (information retrieved Nov 24, 2006)

    "In suburban areas, sites are commonly spaced 2-3 km apart, and in dense urban areas, sites may be as close as 500-1000 meters apart."

    1.24 to 1.864 miles range

    --- and ---
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    (information retrieved Nov 24, 2006)

    "And a carrier's coverage is a network of cell sites, each with a tower and base station controller for a range of about 10 square miles."

    Area of a circle = 3.14 * r (squared)
    10 square miles = 3.14 * 1.7846 miles (squared)
    Distance from a cell tower covered = 1.8 miles

    Typical range of a cell tower is 1 to 2 miles in the U.S. !
    How high was United 93 cruising when the first calls were made on 9/11?

    "Cruising Altitude: 30,000 to 40,000 feet"
    1 mile = 5280 feet
    Cruising Altitude: 5.68 miles to 7.576 miles

    Lowest Cruising altitude is far out of range of a cell phone tower
    And the calls allegedly made by cell phones could not have been made

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