CSPAN, Monday November 5, 2001
Terrorist expert on American Journal
Simon Reeves, about his book "The New Jackels"

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CSPAN: Philadelphia is next for Simon Reeves.

CALLER: Good morning, yes Hi. with the past trial that has taken place with the first World Trade Center bombing isn't it true that a lot of the information that came forward which was not released to the public, but people who did sit on the trial found out that the Alkufar Refugee Center in Brooklyn New York was basically a CIA front, and they were using this Alkufar Refugee Center to launder drug money from the heroin that was made from Afghanistan to fund and recruit for the Mujahedeen; Arab Americans that were in New York City that they were also setting up these various people in apartments in Brooklyn; and the prosecution of the case held up a manual that was provided to the Mujahedeen that they were recruiting for in the us, and it had recipes for bomb making and that it was remarkable similar to the terrorist hand book that was handed to the Contras in Central America.

SIMON REEVES: Yes, there's elements there that are absolutely correct, I'm not so sure that the link with the heroin has ever been proven, but these were very murky times. The CIA and other western intelligence agencies were desperate to recruit people to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

There must have been a Soviet occupation of the World Trade Center too, right Simon?

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