Luckily, the Pentagon found a "smoking gun";
and not a moment's too soon, since we already
bombed Afghanistan

This tape released 12/13/01 was supposely made around mid-November,
and found in a house in Jalalabad.


Early photo

Frame from
"Confession video"

Latest, from
Dec 7, 2001 tape

He looks very different in the confession video. He much heavier than
earlier. Then, soon after (Dec 7) he looks extremely thin and sickly.
Is this 9/11 "Confession" from years ago? Is this even bin Laden?

German Press investigators found that the White House's translation of the "confession" video was not only inaccurate, but even "manipulative".

Why does bin Laden praise 9/11 hijackers, who were later found alive and uninvolved?
Does he work with the FBI???

How has this film been doctored, INDEX:

PART 1: Minutes 0-9, lots of crucial talk of soccer matched dubbed in.

PART 2: Minutes 8-10, bin Laden silent, while bottom text claims "UBL"

PART 3: Minutes 6-7, bin Laden wearing no ring

PART 4: Minutes 53-54, strange condemning hands, with new ring

PART 5: Minutes 37-54, odd comments like, "5:30 a.m. our time" for our benefit.

The real terrorists are the bankers of
the New World Order