Fake Tape: minutes 53-54

0:53:12- Strange admission of guilt comes out of context in conversation;
Crucial piece, but lips smudged and lots of inaudible, obviously dubbed.
Never has he called citizens "the enemy."

0:53:44- "Due to my experience in this field" of gas fires? Coincidently, sounds
similar to CNN babbling, rather than a normal conversation.

0:53:57- Other fellow doesn't seem to acknowledge hand movements.

0:54:00- Still, lips smudged, no acknowledgement of hands by other viewer.

0:54:03- Here more than ever, lips don't match vocal sounds.

0:54:06- Odd bright light from above causes elusive hand shadows.

0:54:08- Vocals clearly don't match lip movements here.

0:54:11- Mysterious ring on right hand, appears different than any other footage.

0:54:15- More convenient inaudibles, lips smudged.

0:54:25- Dubbed voice, face smudged.

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